Crawford Residence - Greeley, Colorado

Greeley, Colorado

When first arriving at the Crawford residence I was met by a dated concrete patio riddled with stress fractures from age and compromised drain tile. The Crawfords were concerned about the absence of positive drainage, which was crucial to the structural integrity of their foundation. Water had appeared in various locations in the basement, prompting them to contact Southern Exposure to address the problem. From our first conversation I knew that Mr. and Mrs. Crawford were not settled on making only minor fixes to the drainage. Rather, they expressed interest in having more from their backyard. What started as a simple patio re-pour, evolved into a dramatically transformed outdoor living area.

The Crawford’s house walked out to a magnificent view of the mountains, one that we sought not to obstruct. Together, we opted to frame the vista with an open gable, sixteen foot long shade structure that joined into their existing roof line. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford added their personal touch with elegant but rustic rain chains. We collectively spent many hours in conversation developing a design that offered them many different useable areas within one plan. With a cooking and bar kitchen area, a shaded eating space, a circular gathering spot around a fire pit, and open access to all three outside doors, we provided the Crawfords with a practical but elegant space that met all their outdoor living needs.

Tying all of the living areas together was the improved patio. The Crawfords opted for our premium flagstone surface, which tied in perfectly with the matching stone veneer we applied to the built in kitchen, fire pit, and the shade structure support columns. To compliment the strong beige and tan presence, Mr. and Mrs. Crawford selected a dark honed, rock pitched granite countertop for their cooking area and bar. This, with the stainless steel kitchen inserts and the beautiful olive furniture the Crawfords supplied, resulted in a striking color pallet.

Upon completion of the project, Mrs. Crawford requested planting beds to soften the strong patio line. Together, we finalized a plant pallet that offered all year interest with minimal maintenance.

We then spread mulch in the surrounding plant beds and constructed a small flagstone landing for their shaded bench swing. By transforming what was an unusable space into a patio kitchen, we presented the Crawfords not only with a means to shed water from their foundation, but a backyard resort that would be the host of many a laughs, great conversation, and the sharing of food and memories for years to come.

This summer we decided to redo our backyard, with new patio kitchen and plantings. We also needed to add a shade structure. We got three bids, including one from Southern Exposure. The thought and design that Jared put into our plan sold us immediately. From the minute we met with him, we were comfortable we were on the same page. Originally, we were talking concrete, but decided on flagstone...GREAT DECISION! It was so worth the extra price. It was like watching an artist at work. Miguel and his crew did a beautiful job, far exceeding our expectations.

We also added a fire pit and kitchen with built in grill, storage and beautiful granite countertops. Again, Miguel’s crew did a great job on the strip stone.

We had several ideas about the structure but when Jared brought in Mark the plan was finished. They had a view of the overall project that really made the backyard complete. Everything looks like it was done when the house was built.

I can’t say enough about the professionalism of everyone involved. The work site was left clean every night and the work progressed on time. From the demolition to the final drip installation the crews were all great. The landscaping was just what I wanted. It is light and airy, and low maintenance.

Thank you so much, Jared, for understanding where we wanted to go on this project and making it happen. It was a real pleasure working with everyone at Southern Exposure!

Kent and Jackie Crawford