Landscape Management for Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, & Windsor - Northern Colorado

Let us create a customized management package to fit your needs!

At Southern Exposure we are capable of delivering on all aspects of Landscape Management/Maintenance that are required in the Northern Colorado area. We service a multitude of large scale commercial contract properties as well as a small amount of residential properties. Turf management is among the first order of operations. This includes mowing all turf area, the bulk of which is accomplished with our high end dependable Walker mowers. Each visit also includes trimming the perimeter of the turf area and edging several times throughout the season as well as blowing the grass clippings from all walk and entry ways. Aeration of the turf is also done when the time comes during the season as well as fertilizer and weed control. We also take a tremendous amount of care maintaining all bed areas on the property, keeping them free of weeds and all plants in the bed pruned to satisfaction. Organic methods of weed control can be implemented for turf and bed areas. Tree management includes deep root fertilization, organic and non-organic, and pruning, handled by our experts on staff. Water management is a must for nearly all properties, this includes a startup and winterization of the sprinkler system and all other sprinkler management needs, as well as sprinkler audits. Additional landscape management services include a spring and fall clean up, water feature management, Christmas lighting and low voltage landscape lighting, annual beds and pots, plant pest management, and snow removal.

Growth takes time.  Be patient.
And while you're waiting, pull a weed.

Emilie Barnes