January 2018 Newsletter: Winter Pruning & Watering

Pruning in the winter results in less of a loss of important sugars the tree needs to survive. Pruning this time of year will also enhance your landscape’s appearance, vitality, improve and maintain healthy growth patterns that match the needs of the landscape. Carefully thinning trees and shrubs will allow more air flow and light exposure to the interior reducing insect or disease potential. It is very important to have skilled professionals trim your trees. Our professionally trained crews can determine what will help the tree maintain healthy foliage. We focus on certain issues such as establishing a central leader, removing branches that are dead or dying, growing incorrectly, crossing or rubbing, and diseased. We also look for hazards such as branches that could fall on people, roofs, or cars, and moving the branches out of the way of the street so cars can drive through. Overall it will help the trees form a better overall structure in their future years. Pruning in the winter will also encourage the greatest overall growth because it will be done right before the first spring growth flush!


            Most people do not think to water their plants during the winter months. However, it is very important to remember to keep plants hydrated to help protect your landscape investment. Especially in Colorado, the months of January and February can be very dry with very little or no snow coverage. Not watering could affect the health of the entire plant. The lack of soil moisture and lack of atmospheric humidity can cause damage to central root systems in the plants. If a plant is damaged it may seem to resume normal growth during early spring, but could die off in late spring or early summer. Watering helps keep plants healthy through the winter months. Large trees have a root spread equal or greater than its height. Water should be applied to the most critical part of the root zone within the drip line. When watering only water when the soil and air temperature is above 40◦F with no snow cover, and water early in the day so the water has enough time to soak into the soil before nighttime freezing.


1.) Reduce Water Consumption: When it comes time to turn on your irrigation system schedule you’re watering around dawn and dusk hours because your grass will absorb more moisture at these times of the day.


2.) Build a Vegetable Garden: Building a vegetable garden is not only a fun project but you will also save money on your grocery bill when the fresh homegrown produce is ready to harvest.


3.) Plant Annual Flowers: If you have empty patches in your yard it may be fun to add some color to it by planting some annual flowers. You can also find good deals on pots and plant some in there as well. This not only makes your house look pretty but it is also fun to enjoy the colors and the butterflies and birds that are attracted to the plants.